Latest news related to precious metals

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Dave Kranzler: Somebody else, not ETFs, took most gold sent to London from Switzerland in July

Date: 16:39 22/08/2019
Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics in Denver discloses today that Switzerland's unusual export of 90 tonnes of gold to London in July must have involved a lot more than acquisitions by gold exchange-traded funds, the explanation offered by Bloomberg News. (See

China eases restrictions on gold imports, sources tell Reuters

Date: 16:19 22/08/2019
Thursday, August 22, 2019

Stubbornly strong dollar prompts talk of U.S. attack on China's currency

Date: 15:33 22/08/2019
Thursday, August 22, 2019

Indian farmers reminded that gold is always as good as money

Date: 15:06 22/08/2019

Investors hoard most gold in ETFs in six years

Date: 14:58 22/08/2019
By Ranjeetha Pakiam

FT imagines 'financial literacy' is defeating gold in India

Date: 16:08 21/08/2019
Predictably enough the Financial Times report today that is appended here underplays the Indian government's unending war against gold, while acknowledging that the government's paperization campaign has failed so far.

Switzerland has a new way to impose the world's lowest interest rate

Date: 15:38 21/08/2019
Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Iran plans currency devaluation

Date: 15:31 21/08/2019
Associated Press

Dmitry Migunov: Russia needs time to exit the dollar, as a quick withdrawal won't work

Date: 02:42 21/08/2019
After sustaining a series of very tough sanctions imposed by the United States in 2017-2019, Russia has redoubled its efforts to modify the dollar-dominated international trade system. Russian expert Dmitry Migunov explained that Russia's de-dollarization plan consists of two parts.

Gold smashdowns aren't working anymore, GATA chairman tells GoldSeek Radio

Date: 01:44 21/08/2019
GATA Chairman Bill Murphy, interviewed by GoldSeek Radio's Chris Waltzek, says the usual smashdowns against gold aren't working anymore and he believes it's because the "gold cartel" is at last running out of the real metal it has used to control the price.

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