Latest news related to precious metals

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Jan Nieuwenhuijs: Gold is the only way out for central banks

Date: 22:06 19/10/2020
Our friend the gold researcher Jan Nieuwenhuijs has departed Voima Gold and created his own internet site, The Gold Observer, where today he explains how central banks can use gold to rebuild their economies and repair their balance sheets.

Pam and Russ Martens: NYTimes won't report JPMorgan's metals, Treasury market rigging and huge fine

Date: 19:35 19/10/2020
Wall Street on Parade

Australian police call Peter Schiff's Euro Pacific bank a serious criminal threat

Date: 03:26 19/10/2020
The Age, Melbourne, Australia

The president's secret powers to blow up the Constitution

Date: 17:53 18/10/2020
November 2020

Budapest Business Journal: A paper gold crisis?

Date: 15:31 18/10/2020
Saturday, October 17, 2020

'Weird stuff' suggests there are no markets anymore, just interventions, Sprott says

Date: 00:39 18/10/2020
In his weekly review with Craig Hemke for Sprott Money, mining entrepreneur Eric Sprott says increasing incidents of "weird stuff" make him believe increasingly that there are no markets anymore, just interventions.

Fed officials call for safeguards against the bubbles they blow

Date: 23:23 17/10/2020
Federal Reserve Debates Tougher Regulation to Prevent Asset Bubbles

Kinross considers selling gold mines in Americas, doubling down on West Africa and Russia

Date: 16:00 17/10/2020
Friday, October 16, 2020

No deal yet on Papua New Guinea mine, Barrick CEO Bristow says

Date: 01:04 17/10/2020
Barrick Gold Chief Executive Mark Bristow said today the Canadian miner was a "long way off" from reaching agreement with Papua New Guinea about the disputed Porgera gold mine.

1713 gold 'Royal' coin from wrecked Spanish Plate Fleet to be auctioned next month

Date: 00:49 17/10/2020
Friday, October 16, 2020

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