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Who needs Renoir and Van Gogh when there's plenty of inflation for everyone?

Date: 00:51 24/02/2021

Craig Hemke at Sprott Money: Ahead of March Comex silver deliveries

Date: 00:19 24/02/2021
The TF Metals Report's Craig Hemke, writing today at Sprott Money, says the New York Commodities Exchange is not going to collapse this week under silver delivery demands. But, Hemke adds, the imprisonment of monetary metals prices through derivatives -- claims on imaginary metal -- can be defeated if silver investors avoid derivative instruments and simply buy and take delivery of real metal or purchase shares of exchange-traded funds that hold real metal, unlike the major silver exchange-traded fund SLV.

Dave Kranzler: A modest proposal for price discovery in the silver market

Date: 16:12 23/02/2021
Tuesday, February 23, 2021

John Adams: The silver market fast approaches the breaking point

Date: 14:55 23/02/2021
Australian economist John Adams today published a detailed analysis of the world silver market, identifying many points of weakness.

Because of leasing, gold supply is tighter than it seems, Macleod tells KWN

Date: 01:45 21/02/2021
Gold is even scarcer than it seems, GoldMoney research director Alasdair Macleod tells King World News today, because so much of it is leased and no matter where it is vaulted it has more than one nominal owner.

As The Calandra Report's subscribers help GATA, they'll see more than gold

Date: 01:42 21/02/2021
While gold and silver seem to be in lockdown by the U.S. government this week, over at The Calandra Report our friend Thom Calandra is showing that companies in the environmental technology sector are making good gains. Indeed, The Calandra Report just made a big score with a Nevada-based mining company (symbol LODE) that is taking over a lithium-ion battery recycling company and moving into remediation of mercury pollution.

GATA secretary covers silver squeeze, gold suppression, bitcoin in SBTV interview

Date: 16:40 19/02/2021
Patrick Vierra of Silver Bullion TV interviewed your secretary/treasurer the other day, discussing, among other things, the GameStop short squeeze, the attempt to squeeze the shorts in silver, the continuing implementation of gold price suppression policy, government's strategy toward bitcoin, the subservience of mainstream financial news organizations to governments and central banks, and the possibility that gold-producing countries could mobilize against gold price suppression.

Jim Rickards: Silver market is a game of musical chairs and a breakout is coming

Date: 15:58 19/02/2021
Writing at the Daily Reckoning, market analyst and author Jim Rickards examines the turmoil in silver and concludes that the major silver exchange-traded fund is mainly paper, not metal, that the silver market is vulnerable to a short squeeze, and that "it's silver's time to shine." Rickards' analysis is headlined "It's a Game of Musical Chairs" and it's posted here:

Silver so tight it's about to blow sky-high, Steer tells Palisades Gold Radio

Date: 01:18 19/02/2021
GATA board member Ed Steer, publisher of Ed Steer's Gold and Silver Digest letter, was interviewed yesterday by Tom Bodrovics of Palisades Gold Radio, discussing the huge short position in the silver futures market held by bullion banks.

Everything's glittering except gold -- and financial journalism

Date: 00:37 19/02/2021
The Wall Street Journal

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