Latest news related to precious metals

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Zimbabwe's gold mines lure big investor despite country's economic ruin

Date: 15:24 10/07/2020
Friday, July 10, 2020

Johannesburg gold stocks slay records as virus bolsters bullion

Date: 15:18 10/07/2020
Friday, July 10, 2020

Why 'safe haven' gold and the stock market are now moving the same direction

Date: 03:00 10/07/2020
Thursday, July 9, 2020

'Death Cross' strikes U.S. dollar as virus cases grow

Date: 04:04 09/07/2020
Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Profit from mining shares and help GATA -- subscribe to The Calandra Report

Date: 16:30 08/07/2020
With gold and silver straining to break higher and their mining shares already starting to fly, our friend Thom Calandra's financial letter is an ever-more compelling read, and Thom is renewing his generous offer to GATA and to GATA supporters who subscribe.

London metals trader Maguire and GATA consultant Organ discuss collapse of fractional-reserve gold banking system

Date: 03:39 08/07/2020
The imminent collapse of the fractional-reserve gold banking system is the primary topic of a discussion between London metals trader and Kinesis Money founder Andrew Maguire and GATA consultant Harvey Organ, a student of the gold and silver markets for 50 years.

Alasdair Macleod: A potential crisis in Comex gold

Date: 01:30 08/07/2020
GoldMoney research director Alasdair Macleod writes tonight that it seems increasingly difficult for bullion banks to cover their short positions in gold futures in New York.

Craig Hemke at Sprott Money: Sinking real rates drive gold higher

Date: 00:57 08/07/2020
Gold's rising price closely correlates with the trend toward negative real interest rates, the TF Metals Report's Craig Hemke explains today in commentary at Sprott Money.

USAGold's July letter: Gold has had a very good year and it's only half over

Date: 16:46 07/07/2020
USAGold's July newsletter, written by proprietor Mike Kosares, notes gold's unusual strength during what are supposed to be its summer doldrums. The newsletter also reports the growing belief in gold's prospects among major investment banks. "Gold," Kosares writes, "has had a very good year and it's only half over."

BMG's Nick Barisheff plans for gold business without Scotiabank

Date: 17:22 06/07/2020
Last week your secretary/treasurer interviewed Nick Barisheff, president and CEO of Canadian bullion fund manager BMG Group (, covering the company's long relationship with bullion trader Scotiabank, which is leaving the metals business while negotiating misconduct settlements with U.S. law-enforcement agencies.

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