Latest news related to precious metals

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Zimbabwe declares interim RTGS dollar its sole legal currency

Date: 15:08 24/06/2019
Monday, June 24, 2019

From Nazis to refineries: How Switzerland has handled the world's gold

Date: 03:56 24/06/2019
Sunday, June 23, 2019

Peak Prosperity acknowledges likelihood of gold price suppression

Date: 21:22 22/06/2019
With Adam Taggart's essay about gold today, Peak Prosperity finally acknowledges "it's highly likely that the price has been suppressed." Who's next -- Pierre Lassonde? Mark Carney? The Financial Times? The Economist? Even the World Gold Council?

Mike Kosares: This has been and is likely to remain gold's century

Date: 17:55 22/06/2019
Investment-wise the 21st century so far has belonged to gold, USAGold's Mike Kosares writes today, as the monetary metal has quietly outperformed equities, though equities have gotten most of the attention.

Gold was rising even before dollar started falling, Michael Oliver tells KWN

Date: 16:27 22/06/2019
Interviewed at King World News, Michael Oliver of MSA Research says that gold has been rising in recent months without any weakness in the U.S. dollar, and now the dollar index is breaking down, which, he expects, will elevate gold and gold mining stocks even more. The interview is 14 minutes long and can be heard at KWN here:

And they scoff that gold doesn't pay interest, though leasing it does

Date: 15:47 22/06/2019
Bloomberg News

European central bankers claim oversight over Facebook's cryptocurrency

Date: 15:25 21/06/2019
Friday, June 21, 2019

King Report: Despite central banking's price-suppression schemes, gold revolts

Date: 06:14 21/06/2019
Friday, June 21, 2019

At KWN, this is what a short squeeze in gold looks like

Date: 05:18 21/06/2019
At King World News tonight, Citibank analyst Tom Fitzpatrick and GoldMoney founder James Turk comment on gold's breakout. Turk says the markets see money printing following this week's statements by the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve.

GATA's Harvey Organ describes metals trickery at the Comex

Date: 20:17 20/06/2019
GATA consultant Harvey Organ, interviewed this week by Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics, describes the sleight of hand being used at the New York Commodities Exchange to mask the shortage of physical gold and silver. The interview is 35 minutes long and can be heard at YouTube here:

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