Latest news related to precious metals

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Ted Butler: A silver mystery in full view

Date: 16:33 25/08/2020
What explains the furious turnover in silver inventory in the vaults associated with the New York Commodities Exchange, a turnover that vastly exceeds levels in any other commodity market?

Alaska's Pebble Mine told to offset damage as Republican opposition grows

Date: 00:34 25/08/2020
The U.S. government tOday placed an additional hurdle in front of Alaska's Pebble Mine project, giving developers 90 days to explain how they would offset damage to wetlands and popular fishing sites amid rising opposition to the project by prominent Republicans.

Ronan Manly: Quiet but vast expansion of Comex's approved bar list indicates tight metals market

Date: 16:38 24/08/2020
Bullion Star, Singapore

Record Turkish gold production is all headed for the central bank

Date: 16:12 24/08/2020
Monday, August 24, 2020

Nick Barisheff: Nothing wrong with a portfolio that is entirely bullion

Date: 01:56 24/08/2020
In his new essay, the CEO of bullion fund manager BMG Group, Nick Barisheff, recounts his long struggle with not only the Ontario Securities Commission but also financial advisers and gold and silver mining companies to gain support for his company's gold and silver bullion funds.

Bloomberg notes but fails to question gold and silver ETF vaulting issues

Date: 15:51 23/08/2020
Bloomberg News

Trump set to block controversial Alaska gold mine, Politico says

Date: 20:31 22/08/2020
Saturday, August 22, 2020

Michael P. Regan: A love letter to the Fed from the adoring stock market

Date: 16:06 22/08/2020
Friday, August 21, 2020

Sprott 'disgusted' with market-rigging Scotiabank and 'loser' CFTC

Date: 03:03 22/08/2020
Mining entrepreneur Eric Sprott, in his weekly market review with Craig Hemke for Sprott Money, says he is "disgusted" with Scotiabank on account of the bank's being heavily fined this week for rigging the gold and silver markets.

John Kim: When will the prosecution of JPMorganChase spoofer John Edmonds ever get somewhere?

Date: 01:09 22/08/2020
Market analyst Jim Kim today wonders aloud about the federal prosecution of former JPMorganChase gold and silver futures trader John Edmonds, who ages ago pleaded guilty to spoofing those markets and was cooperating with the prosecution in providing evidence against his superiors. But his sentencing keeps being postponed, even as the class-action antitrust lawsuits against his former employer remain suspended at the request of the U.S. Justice Department in the name of protecting the department's own investigation.

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