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GATA secretary covers silver squeeze, gold suppression, bitcoin in SBTV interview

Date: 16:40 19/02/2021
Patrick Vierra of Silver Bullion TV interviewed your secretary/treasurer the other day, discussing, among other things, the GameStop short squeeze, the attempt to squeeze the shorts in silver, the continuing implementation of gold price suppression policy, government's strategy toward bitcoin, the subservience of mainstream financial news organizations to governments and central banks, and the possibility that gold-producing countries could mobilize against gold price suppression.

Jim Rickards: Silver market is a game of musical chairs and a breakout is coming

Date: 15:58 19/02/2021
Writing at the Daily Reckoning, market analyst and author Jim Rickards examines the turmoil in silver and concludes that the major silver exchange-traded fund is mainly paper, not metal, that the silver market is vulnerable to a short squeeze, and that "it's silver's time to shine." Rickards' analysis is headlined "It's a Game of Musical Chairs" and it's posted here:

Silver so tight it's about to blow sky-high, Steer tells Palisades Gold Radio

Date: 01:18 19/02/2021
GATA board member Ed Steer, publisher of Ed Steer's Gold and Silver Digest letter, was interviewed yesterday by Tom Bodrovics of Palisades Gold Radio, discussing the huge short position in the silver futures market held by bullion banks.

Everything's glittering except gold -- and financial journalism

Date: 00:37 19/02/2021
The Wall Street Journal

Alasdair Macleod: The future of money is gold

Date: 00:20 19/02/2021
Thursday, February 18, 2021

As The Calandra Report's subscribers help GATA, they'll see more than gold

Date: 04:55 18/02/2021
While gold and silver seem to be in lockdown by the U.S. government this week, over at The Calandra Report our friend Thom Calandra is showing that companies in the environmental technology sector are making good gains. Indeed, The Calandra Report just made a big score with a Nevada-based mining company that is taking over a lithium-ion battery recycling company and moving into remediation of mercury pollution.

Gold market manipulation: Why, how, and how long? (2021 edition)

Date: 18:36 17/02/2021
Your secretary/treasurer's presentation this week to the Gold Week Africa Conference streamed from Lagos, Nigeria, was dispatched to you a few minutes ago, but you may find that the full text is too long for your e-mail server.

Ronan Manly: Silver ETF SIVR worries more about shorts than its own investors

Date: 04:48 17/02/2021
Bullion Star researcher Ronan Manly writes tonight that the Aberdeen Standard Physical Silver Shares exchange-traded fund (SIVR) seems fearful that silver prices might increase, damaging banks that are "substantially short" even though a price increase would profit the fund's own investors.

Craig Hemke at Sprott Money: A silver price manipulation primer

Date: 23:37 16/02/2021
Craig Hemke of the TF Metals Report, writing tonight at Sprott Money, provides a compendium on manipulation of silver prices by bullion banks, about which he has been writing for years.

Stansberry Research's Daniela Cambone does another interview about market manipulation

Date: 21:46 16/02/2021
"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" author and market provocateur Robert Kiyosaki today joins the parade of people interviewed by Stansberry Research's Daniela Cambone about manipulation of the monetary metals markets. How times have changed.

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