Latest news related to precious metals

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USAGold's 'News & Views' letter for June

Date: 19:23 10/06/2019
USAGold's June "News & Views" newsletter has commentary about gold's upward breakout, billionaires who see virtue in the monetary metal as an investment, a new book by Jim Rickards, the Malaysian prime minister's musings about a gold-backed east Asian currency, and more. The June issue is posted at USAGold here:

China announces gold reserve increase for sixth straight month

Date: 02:46 10/06/2019
Financial Times, London

If GATA is doing the right thing, please consider helping us

Date: 17:05 09/06/2019
For years GATA's officers have marveled among themselves that central banking's gold price suppression policy couldn't get more obvious, and each time we have been proven wrong. But in a way that may be an indicator of a certain amount of success for the organization.

The African nation built on gold loses its production crown to a rival

Date: 15:42 09/06/2019
Sunday, June 9, 2019

John Looby: Putting America first may end dollar dominance

Date: 04:14 09/06/2019
Sunday, June 9, 2019

Putin says role of dollar should be reconsidered in world trade

Date: 16:28 08/06/2019
Friday, June 7, 2019

Manipulation is when you stop manipulating, treasury secretary says

Date: 16:09 08/06/2019
South China Morning Post, Hong Kong

Intervention to support your currency isn't manipulation, Treasury secretary says

Date: 15:50 08/06/2019
Mnuchin Says FX Tariff Push Isn't Shift to Weak Dollar Policy

Russia keen to sell yuan bonds to deepen ties with China and reduce dollar dependence

Date: 02:59 08/06/2019
Friday, June 7, 2019

Having broken out in many currencies, gold will break out in dollar too, von Greyerz says

Date: 21:49 07/06/2019
Gold, Swiss gold fund manager Egon von Greyerz tells King World News today, already has broken out in many currencies and its breakout in U.S. dollar terms is coming. His comments are headlined "Alert: Greyerz Says We Are Now on the cusp of a Historic Breakout in the Gold Market" and it's posted at KWN here:

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