Latest news related to precious metals

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Strong U.S. dollar prompts speculation about Trump intervention

Date: 15:42 15/09/2019
Sunday, September 15, 2019

Andy Schectman: Gold and the art of financial war revisited

Date: 02:54 15/09/2019
GATA doesn't get invited anymore to financial conferences in Toronto and Vancouver now that touting mining shares takes precedence over warning monetary metals investors about manipulation of the markets by governments and central banks. But at the Sprott Natural Resources Symposium in Vancouver six weeks ago the president of Miles Franklin Precious Metals, Andy Schectman, gave a wonderful presentation about the comprehensive deception being waged against the monetary metals by governments, central banks, and their investment bank allies and thanked GATA for helping to expose it.

Another BIS swap? Golden toilet stolen from Blenheim Palace

Date: 16:15 14/09/2019
The Telegraph, London

China and Russia are buying gold and don't care what it costs

Date: 15:42 13/09/2019
Friday, September 13, 2019

Ted Butler: The case for a silver explosion is stronger than ever

Date: 00:23 13/09/2019
Silver market analyst Ted Butler, interviewed today by Jim Cook of Investment Rarities, argues that the case for an explosion in the price of silver is stronger than ever.

Reuters exclusive: Morgan's head of gold trading put on leave amid probe

Date: 23:46 12/09/2019

Paulson investor group tells miners to ignore gold price suppression by central banks

Date: 21:53 12/09/2019

Another big reason to join GATA in New Orleans: Real Vision's Grant Williams

Date: 17:00 12/09/2019
Here's another big reason to join GATA at the New Orleans Investment Conference during the first four days in November.

As monetary metals price suppression fails, you'll want The Calandra Report

Date: 16:53 12/09/2019
With infinite money and currency devaluation now being the policy of many central banks, the prospects for the monetary metals mining industry will be spectacular as central bank commodity price suppression policy fails from exposure by GATA and others.

ECB pushes rates more negative, plans lots more asset purchases

Date: 16:25 12/09/2019

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