Latest news related to precious metals

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New Orleans Investment Conference goes 'virtual' but stays intimate

Date: 17:26 21/08/2020
Much to GATA's disappointment, if not to our surprise, this year's New Orleans Investment Conference will be moved from that wonderful city to the internet. But once again GATA will participate enthusiastically, and the New Orleans conference people detailed today how they plan to make this year's conference as interesting, valuable, and intimate as previous conferences have been.

Former Fed staffers urge Senate to reject Shelton nomination

Date: 16:28 21/08/2020
By Jonnelle Marte

Colombia sold two-thirds of its gold in June just before a record high

Date: 15:50 21/08/2020
By Oscar Medina

Two giant gold nuggets worth US$250,000 found in Australia

Date: 16:42 20/08/2020
Thursday, August 20, 2020

GATA secretary reviews prospects for monetary metals in interview with Claudio Grass

Date: 16:13 20/08/2020
Major recent changes in the gold market and what they may foretell are discussed in an interview with your secretary/treasurer conducted by market analyst and financial adviser Claudio Grass.

Central banks scale back dollar lending operation as demand drops

Date: 15:36 20/08/2020
Thursday, August 20, 2020

Scotiabank pays $127.4 million to settle gold and silver spoofing claims

Date: 02:05 20/08/2020
Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Craig Hemke at Sprott Money: 'Speculative bubble' in gold and silver is fiction

Date: 16:24 19/08/2020
While some mainstream financial news organizations are reporting that gold and silver prices are in a "speculative bubble," the TF Metals Report's Craig Hemke, writing today at Sprott Money, shows that gold and silver futures contract volumes have been contracting steadily amid the recent price increases.

Venezuelan central bank's gold reserves fall to lowest level in 50 years

Date: 02:12 18/08/2020
CARACAS -- Venezuela's gold reserves fell by seven tonnes in the first half of the year to reach just 98 tonnes, their lowest level in 50 years, according to data published on Monday by the South American country's central bank.

Fed soon will endorse the inflation that has been running wild for years

Date: 16:34 17/08/2020
Bloomberg News

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