Latest news related to precious metals

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Daniel Amerman: Fed is monetizing 90% of U.S. deficit to keep interest rates from rising and crashing markets

Date: 16:51 15/12/2019
Financial analyst Daniel Amerman calculates this week that in the last three months the Federal Reserve has been monetizing 90 percent of the U.S. government's exploding budget deficit in the hope of preventing interest rates from rising and thereby crashing the stock, bond, and housing markets.

Salvation Army has no trouble understanding gold as money

Date: 19:23 14/12/2019
Public Radio Tulsa

U.S. isn't weaponizing dollar, treasury secretary claims, but adds that sanctions are alternative to war

Date: 19:09 14/12/2019
By Natasha Tarak

Dollar has been strong but 8 major currencies have been stronger this year

Date: 17:29 14/12/2019
Saturday, December 14, 2019

Cases of fine American wine await three GATA supporters -- maybe you?

Date: 02:16 14/12/2019
9:16p ET Friday, December 13, 2019

Ronan Manly: Quantum leap for banks as ABN Amro questions gold price discovery

Date: 01:39 14/12/2019
Bullion Star market analyst Ronan Manly today calls attention to a research paper by an analyst for the Dutch bank ABN Amro that acknowledges that there are two gold markets, the physical market and the paper market, the latter run by speculators who move the price around without regard to physical demand.

Boris Johnson heads for crushing UK election victory

Date: 04:57 13/12/2019
While thou shalt flourish great and free,

Ted Butler: The missing motive

Date: 04:27 13/12/2019
Silver market analyst Ted Butler speculates today that JPMorganChase has sabotaged the bank lending system to warn the U.S. Justice Department against continuing to prosecute the bank for manipulating the monetary metals markets. Butler's commentary is headlined "A Missing Motive" and it's posting at GoldSeek's companion site, SilverSeek, here --

Physical market for metals will overcome derivatives, GATA chairman tells SBTV

Date: 03:25 13/12/2019
Interviewed by Patrick Vierra of Silver Bullion TV, GATA Chairman Bill Murphy says physical demand for the monetary metals is getting closer to overwhelming the derivatives market that has been suppressing metals prices. The interview is 34 minutes long and can be viewed at YouTube here:

Gold smuggling on the rise as high prices boost appeal in India

Date: 02:51 13/12/2019
via Yahoo News

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