Latest news related to precious metals

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Dave Kranzler: Gold and mining stocks vs. stocks -- Many will be surprised

Date: 19:48 30/06/2020
Tuesday, June 30, 2020

GATA's Ed Steer reviews gold and silver markets with Howe Street's Jim Goddard

Date: 18:43 30/06/2020
GATA board member Ed Steer, publisher of Ed Steer's Gold and Silver Digest, was interviewed the other day by Jim Goddard of

GATA Chairman Murphy discusses prospects for monetary metals

Date: 03:45 30/06/2020
GATA Chairman Bill Murphy, interviewed by Dunagun Kaiser for Reluctant Preppers and Finance and Liberty, answers viewers' questions about the prospects for the monetary metals, as well as the possibility of a "reset" of the world financial system. The discussion is 29 minutes long and can be viewed at You Tube here:

Another ignorant 'expert' dismisses complaints of gold market rigging

Date: 18:50 29/06/2020
In an essay posted today at FX Empire, "Gold Market Manipulation and the Federal Reserve," financial planner Kelsey Williams both admits and dismisses complaints of manipulation of the gold market.

Ted Butler: The final chapter of silver market rigging

Date: 04:47 26/06/2020
In his new essay at GoldSeek's companion site, SilverSeek, silver market analyst and market-rigging foe Ted Butler argues that JPMorganChase has cornered the silver market, leaving other investment banks holding huge short positions that can't be covered. Butler expects JPMorganChase to squeeze and double-cross the shorts, the bank's former associates in price suppression.

Alasdair Macleod: A collapsing dollar and China's monetary strategy

Date: 20:31 25/06/2020
Thursday, June 26, 2020

Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter interview Ted Butler

Date: 18:12 25/06/2020
In an interview with Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter, silver market analyst and whistleblower Ted Butler reviews the long history of manipulation and intrigue in the silver market. The interview is 52 minutes long and can be heard at here:

Jan Nieuwenhuijs: Why gold, and why now

Date: 18:00 25/06/2020
Voima Gold researcher Jan Nieuwenhuijs today provides an outstanding summary of gold's monetary virtues. One of his details is especially powerful: "Since the euro was created in 1999, the gold price in euros has gone up by 550 percent. When corrected for consumer price inflation, gold in the eurozone has increased in purchasing power by 350 percent in 20 years."

Ronan Manly: Musical chairs for central bankers on LBMA board

Date: 17:37 25/06/2020
Noting the appointment of another former central banker, Isabelle Strauss-Kahn of the Banque de France, to the board of the London Bullion Market Association, Bullion Star researcher Ronan Manly reminds us today that there is little difference between the association and central banking, which long has aimed to control and suppress the gold price.

Henry Kaufman: Statism is replacing capitalism in the U.S.

Date: 16:26 25/06/2020
Financial Times, London

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