Latest news related to precious metals

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Ya' think? Dalio says there are no markets anymore, just interventions

Date: 17:06 03/07/2020
Business Insider, New York

Dollar's dominance to slowly melt away over coming year, Reuters poll finds

Date: 16:46 03/07/2020
Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Make money in mining shares and help GATA by subscribing to The Calandra Report

Date: 02:08 03/07/2020
With gold and silver straining to break higher and their mining shares already starting to fly, our friend Thom Calandra's financial letter is an ever-more compelling read, and Thom is renewing his generous offer to GATA and to GATA supporters who subscribe.

Court says Bank of England can't return Venezuelan gold to Maduro

Date: 16:49 02/07/2020
CNN, Atlanta

At KWN, Von Greyerz's charts indicate breakouts for gold and silver

Date: 02:56 02/07/2020
While GATA has little use for technical analysis of markets as manipulated as those for gold and silver, from time to time you may be entitled to some cheering up after all the news we bring you about the bad guys. So thanks to King World News, enjoy the chart work done tonight by Swiss gold fund manager Egon von Greyerz. It's headlined "Gold and Silver Are Close to Major Breakouts That Will Send Prices Soaring" and it's posted here:

Canadian tax authorities recover C$82 million from Kitco in fraud case

Date: 02:24 02/07/2020
Revenu Quebec Concludes a Secret Agreement with a Gold Merchant

China's Kingold Jewelry secures $2.8 billion in loans with gilded copper bars

Date: 16:37 01/07/2020
Kingold Jewelry Secures $2.8 billion in Loans with Gilded Copper Bars

Jan Nieuwenhuijs: What went wrong in 1971 is explained

Date: 15:26 01/07/2020
Voima Gold researcher Jan Nieuwenhuijs this week posts an excellent interview with a couple of amateur Austrian School economists who maintain an internet site built on the premise that the world started going haywire upon President Richard Nixon's disconnection of the U.S. dollar from gold in 1971.

Corporate bankruptcies will collapse banks, GoldMoney's Macleod tells KWN

Date: 00:34 01/07/2020
GoldMoney research director Alasdair Macleod, interviewed today by Eric King at King World News, says corporate bankruptcies may begin collapsing banks as soon as next month, prompting more money creation by governments and more nationalization of economies.

Craig Hemke at Sprott Money: Extreme Comex delivery demand continues

Date: 23:30 30/06/2020
Offtake of gold and silver -- real metal -- has exploded at the New York Commodities Exchange, the TF Metals Report's Craig Hemke writes tonight at Sprott Money, suddenly transforming the exchange into a physical market and signifying desperation by the bullion banks trying to cap prices.

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