Latest news related to precious metals

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As monetary metals price suppression fails, you may want The Calandra Report

Date: 14:40 17/09/2019
With infinite money and currency devaluation now being the policy of many central banks, the prospects for the monetary metals mining industry will be spectacular as central bank commodity price suppression policy fails from exposure by GATA and others.

In interview with Phil Kennedy, GATA chairman asks: How far will rigging probe go?

Date: 14:28 17/09/2019
Interviewed last night by Phil Kennedy of Kennedy Financial, GATA Chairman Bill Murphy marveled at the publicity suddenly being given to gold and silver market rigging, on account of the latest indictments of traders for JPMorganChase. But Murphy added that the "spoofing" attributed to the JPM traders is the smaller part of the manipulation of the markets, the bigger part being surreptitious intervention by governments and central banks.

Ronan Manly: Indicted JPM metals desk chief is LBMA board member

Date: 14:05 17/09/2019
Bullion Star gold researcher Ronan Manly reports today that JPMorganChase, more of whose metals traders were indicted yesterday in the United States on charges of manipulating the metals markets, is a member of the London Bullion Market Association and that one of those traders, Michael Nowak, chief of the bank's precious metals desk, is a member of the LBMA's Board of Directors.

China Gold is hunting for deals of as much as $2 billion

Date: 00:08 17/09/2019
Monday, September 16, 2019

Gold's potent mix of low reserves and high prices seen driving M&A

Date: 17:21 16/09/2019
Monday, September 16, 2019

What else could you possibly need to join GATA in New Orleans?

Date: 16:54 16/09/2019
Wars and rumors of wars, negative interest rates, official clamor for currency devaluation, indictments of investment bank crooks, turbulent markets, expert analysis of investment opportunities, and oysters prepared a dozen ways -- what else could you possibly need to attend this year's New Orleans Investment Conference?

Strangle high-frequency trading with a small financial transactions tax

Date: 16:15 16/09/2019
From Public Citizen, Washington

JPMorgan fined for lax disclosure of misconduct allegations over six years

Date: 15:38 16/09/2019

Interviewed in Australia, Jim Rickards covers next financial crisis and its 'Aftermath'

Date: 01:20 16/09/2019
Author, fund manager, and geopolitical strategist Jim Rickards last week promoted his new book, "Aftermath," in an interview in Australia with the managing director of, Filip Karinja, and discussed a variety of topics, including:

Investors warn gold miners to keep lid on ambitions

Date: 16:27 15/09/2019
Sunday, September 15, 2019

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