Latest news related to precious metals

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At KWN, Schiff and Turk see chance for gold to break out

Date: 02:19 14/06/2019
King World News tonight publishes comments about the gold market from fund manager Peter Schiff and GoldMoney founder James Turk.

Ted Butler: India provides more evidence of silver price manipulation

Date: 02:10 14/06/2019
Increasing demand for silver in India, silver market analyst Ted Butler writes today, is more evidence of price suppression and market manipulation in the West. For Indians are extremely price-sensitive about their monetary metals, Butler notes, and they wouldn't be increasing their purchases of silver if they didn't recognize that it is very underpriced now compared to gold.

Cult economist jailed for hiding rare coins says they're his now

Date: 19:04 13/06/2019
Thursday, June 13, 2019

Gold and Silver Investing 101 posted at Bullion Star

Date: 15:11 13/06/2019
Bullion Star has published a seven-part introduction to investing in the monetary metals, covering bullion and coins, metals exempt from sales taxes, storage, frequently asked questions, and more. The series is headlined "Gold & Silver Investing 101" and can be found at Bullion Star here:

In the battle of the elements, gold has gleamed through the ages

Date: 17:01 12/06/2019
Wednesday, June 12, 2019

With tariffs Trump is destroying dollar and U.S. power, Hugo Salinas Price says

Date: 16:47 12/06/2019
In a nine-minute video posted this week at YouTube, Hugo Salinas Price of the Mexican Civic Association for Silver argues that President Trump, by imposing or threatening to impose tariffs on the world, including his country's own allies, is destroying the U.S. dollar's function as the world reserve currency, from which the United States draws most of its international power and influence.

Wall Street on Parade: Could JPM face another felony charge for metals market rigging?

Date: 02:47 12/06/2019
At Wall Street on Parade, Pam and Russ Martens today note that the extensive criminality of JPMorganChase & Co. is now a matter of record in the gold market too. Their account of the confession of JPM trader John Edmonds probably won't tell you anything you don't know, but their summary of the investment bank's wrongdoing is worth plastering all over the universe:

Talking the dollar down may soon get easier for Trump

Date: 02:24 12/06/2019
MarketWatch, New York

Craig Hemke at Sprott Money: Chart update for gold and silver

Date: 02:10 12/06/2019
Gold futures are holding their 200-day moving average, Craig Hemke of the TF Metals Report writes today at Sprott Money, and he construes this as confirmation of an upward trend.

Obviousness of gold market rigging helps central banks but there's a limit

Date: 15:25 11/06/2019
Responding to your secretary/treasurer's observation Sunday that central bank and government interventions against gold have been becoming more obvious --

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