Latest news related to precious metals

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Brandon White: Gold remonetization is much closer than many realize

Date: 19:57 15/11/2018
The financial world doesn't seem to have realized it yet, Brandon White of bullion dealer BMG Group in Canada writes today for Palisade Research, but gold already has been remonetized by central banks as the ultimate risk-free asset, money without counterparty risk.

Bank of England's withholding Venezuela's gold may signal shortage in London, Murphy says

Date: 19:47 15/11/2018
GATA Chairman Bill Murphy yesterday was interviewed by GoldSeek Radio's Chris Waltzek, discussing what seems to be the Bank of England's expropriation of Venezuela's gold, perhaps because supply in London is getting excruciatingly short at last. Among other things, they also discussed Murphy's belief that silver's price is likely to rise spectacularly when price suppression in that market fails.

Cheating Venezuela, Bank of England tempts other nations to withdraw their gold

Date: 13:18 15/11/2018
Bullion Star gold researcher Ronan Manly writes today that the Bank of England has no good reason to refuse to repatriate Venezuela's gold as requested, that the refusal is blatantly political, and that it invites other nations to remove their gold from the bank now that the bank has shown itself to be an unreliable fiduciary.

Craig Hemke at Sprott Money: Here comes another squeeze of gold shorts

Date: 15:46 14/11/2018
Having lured fund managers into shorting gold futures by pushing the price below the 50-day moving average, bullion banks are about to trigger a short squeeze by yanking the price up again, according to the TF Metals Report's Craig Hemke, writing at Sprott Money.

What a world: 'Sultan of Coins' is hanged but Jamie Dimon and Blythe Masters live

Date: 13:40 14/11/2018
Bloomberg News

Times of India celebrates central bank's buying gold, selling treasuries

Date: 09:31 14/11/2018
The Times of India, Mumbai

French president says euro is not yet an alternative to U.S. dollar

Date: 15:34 13/11/2018
Sunday, November 11, 2018

GoldCore seeks to capitalize on Brexit with Dublin gold vault

Date: 15:27 13/11/2018
Gold broker and storage company GoldCore said today it had opened a gold vault in Dublin, aiming to attract investors looking for an alternative to London after Brexit.

Mining shares have never been cheaper relative to metal, GATA chairman says

Date: 11:57 13/11/2018
GATA Chairman Bill Murphy, interviewed at the New Orleans Investment Conference this month by Charlotte McLeod of the Investing News Network, says gold and silver mining shares may never have been as cheap relative to metal prices as they are now. Murphy believes that metals prices will explode but not until the government-inspired price suppression ends or is defeated. The interview is 6 minutes long and can be heard here:

Long-deposed monarchs' money is still good

Date: 18:05 12/11/2018
Coin and bullion dealer USAGold's November News & Views letter has been posted, with reports on central bank gold demand, record bullion bank short positions in the monetary metals, gold price predictions, and an insightful quotation from Confucius:

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