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This sounds like a rationale for more gold price suppression by the U.S.

Date: 11:32 07/04/2019
Bloomberg News

New York Sun: The panic over the Federal Reserve

Date: 11:05 07/04/2019
It's hard to recall from the journalistic pack such a panic as has erupted over news that President Trump intends to name Stephen Moore and Herman Cain to the board of the Federal Reserve. The New York Times warns the Fed could end up under the presidential "thumb." A "hideous specter," says the Washington Post. "Sabotage" cries the Financial Times. They all bewail the Fed's independence.

China increases pace of announced additions to gold reserve

Date: 10:54 07/04/2019
Bloomberg News

Barrick's deal-making chairman was paid $12.9 million in 2018

Date: 06:57 06/04/2019
Friday, April 5, 2019

Trump says Fed should cut rates and stop shrinking balance sheet

Date: 11:38 05/04/2019
Friday, April 5, 2019

Kranzler and Hemke: How can anyone still deny gold is manipulated?

Date: 04:35 05/04/2019
Discussing last week's smashdown in the monetary metals futures markets, Craig Hemke of the TF Metals Report and Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics express wonderment that despite the documentation GATA has provided some supposed experts continue to deny that the monetary metals markets are manipulated. The discussion is 36 minutes long, is headlined "Will Gold Continue Higher Despite Efforts To Keep It Capped?," and is posted at the IRD internet site here:

Saudis consider ditching dollar in oil trading, sources tell Reuters

Date: 01:45 05/04/2019
Thursday, April 4, 2019

Central bank decides Russia needs still more gold after all

Date: 01:32 05/04/2019
The Central Bank of Russia is flip-flopping over the need to build up gross international reserves to $500 billion.

'Evidence of manipulation but not enough for charges' may mean government itself is the perp

Date: 00:44 05/04/2019
In commentary posted this week at GoldSeek's companion site, SilverSeek, silver market analyst Ted Butler reports confirmation from former Commodity Futures Trading Commission member Bart Chilton that JPMorganChase assumed from the collapsing investment bank Bear Stearns a massive short position in silver and has been allowed to manipulate the silver market for years right to the present day.

Trump nominates a second gold-standard advocate for Fed

Date: 00:09 05/04/2019
The Wall Street Journal

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