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Hugo Salinas Price: A message for Trump

Date: 17:46 26/11/2018
President Trump could "make American great again," Hugo Salinas Price of the Mexican Civic Association for Silver writes today, by revaluing U.S. silver eagle coins from their $1 imprinting to $30 for payment of federal taxes. This, Salinas Price writes, would make silver a powerful savings vehicle for Americans. Salinas Price long has been advocating such a system for Mexico as well. His commentary is headlined "A Message for Trump" and it's posted at the association's internet site here:

JPMorgan ignored Butler's complaints but can't ignore Justice Department's

Date: 17:27 26/11/2018
Silver market analyst Ted Butler notes today that he protested hundreds of times to JPMorganChase and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission that the investment bank was rigging the silver market. Now that a former trader for the bank has confessed in federal court to doing just what Butler long complained of and has asserted that his superiors at the investment bank knew what he was doing, Butler predicts that more prosecutions by the Justice Department involving the bank are probable -- along with changes in the silver market.

Ohio will accept bitcoin for tax payments

Date: 09:56 26/11/2018
Monday, November 26, 2018

Are these north Wales hills sitting on a gold mine?

Date: 16:40 24/11/2018
Saturday, November 24, 2018

Gold price hits record high in Pakistan as inflation looms

Date: 16:33 24/11/2018
The Express Tribune, Karachi, Pakistan

GATA chairman discusses confession by ex-JPM trader

Date: 09:33 24/11/2018
In an interview with Chris Marcus for StockPulse and Miles Franklin, GATA Chairman Bill Murphy discusses the confession to monetary metals market rigging by a former trader for JPMorganChase. Murphy also discusses the Bank of England's refusal to repatriate Venezuela's gold as well as the prospects for silver.

Citigroup, JPMorgan to pay $182.5 million to settle rate-rigging lawsuit

Date: 12:36 23/11/2018
Friday, November 23, 2018

Support GATA by subscribing to The Calandra Report

Date: 09:12 22/11/2018
Our longtime friend the intrepid world-traveling market analyst Thom Calandra, publisher of The Calandra Report financial letter, is generously offering GATA supporters a deeply discounted one-year subscription offer in which half the price will be donated to GATA.

Ronan Manly: LBMA 'trading data' is empty, suggests removal of central bank activity

Date: 10:24 21/11/2018
Indispensable gold market analyst Ronan Manly, writing for Bullion Star today, writes that the London Bullion Market's new trading data report contains no trading data at all but does contain an anomaly suggesting that central bank trading has been erased from the data.

JPMorgan metals rigging probe prompts U.S. to seek delay in civil suit

Date: 10:06 21/11/2018
Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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