Latest news related to precious metals

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Philadelphia is first U.S. city to ban cashless stores

Date: 16:54 07/03/2019
Thursday, March 7, 2019

China's gold reserves continue to grow in February

Date: 12:17 07/03/2019
China's Gold Reserves Continue to Grow in February

Futures exchange operator renews discounts for secret trading by governments and central banks

Date: 11:37 07/03/2019
Market manipulation by governments and central banks is right out in the open again, hiding in plain sight in the confidence that mainstream financial news organizations, financial letter writers, and gurus who purport to bring "technical analysis" to bear on markets will avert their gaze.

Gold swaps by BIS rose by 56 tonnes in February

Date: 09:58 07/03/2019
The recent monthly statements of account published by the Bank for International Settlements indicate that the bank is still actively trading gold swaps, which the bank uses to gain access to gold held by commercial banks.

GATA secretary to speak at conferences in Singapore and Hong Kong

Date: 14:24 06/03/2019
Your secretary/treasurer will speak at the annual Mining Investment Asia conference in Singapore from March 26-28 and the annual Mines and Money Asia conference in Hong Kong from April 2-4.

Top Barrick shareholder urges joint venture in Nevada with Newmont, not full merger

Date: 13:33 06/03/2019
Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Leftist New Statesman attacks gold advocates and Germany's gold repatriation leader

Date: 11:30 06/03/2019
The venerable British left-wing magazine The New Statesman today published an article disparaging "gold bugs" as "far right" and nationalist and particularly disparaging GATA's friend Peter Boehringer, the founder of the movement in Germany to repatriate the country's gold reserves who is now a member of the country's parliament, chairman of its budget committee, and a leader of the Alternative for Germany party.

Higher U.S. rates creating carry trade supporting dollar

Date: 10:37 06/03/2019
Bloomberg News

Venezuelan opposition asks Citibank to delay gold repurchase

Date: 09:48 06/03/2019
Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Ronan Manly: Romania joins gold repatriation exodus

Date: 21:25 05/03/2019
Bullion Star gold researcher Ronan Manly today examines the effort in Romania's parliament to repatriate the country's gold reserves from the Bank of England and concludes that it opens a new front between democracy and the arrogance and unaccountability of the central bank.

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