Potential Investment Earnings Calculator

The difference between saving and investing can be spectacular. Use the calculator below to give you a rough idea of how choosing to invest instead of simply saving will effect you. The calculator will show you when you could retire because your earnings have become greater than your expenses. Currently, this can't be done if you decide to factor in inflation as the compounding makes the calculation difficult to predict, without running through loads of scenarios until the matching one is found.

Salary (After Tax): Enter your yearly wage (after tax).
Cost of Living Rise (Yearly): How much your Salary investment will increase by as your wage goes up.
Yearly Expenses: Your entire living expenses per year.
Average Yearly Return: % The average return you intend to find and try to maintain for your investments.
Number of Years: Number of years to calculate.
Reinvest Percentage: % Percentage of your yearly profit you intend to reinvest.
Desired Year to Retire: Number of years from the start you wish to retire by.
Rough Tax Rate: % A rough tax percentage for when you retire and start cashing in your investments to pay your expenses.
Comparison Avg Bank Rate: % A rough rate of interest you could get at a bank (after tax) so we can compare performance.
Inflation Rate: % An average inflation rate. 2% if you believe BofE, 15% if you look at money supply