Latest news related to precious metals

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Hugo Salinas Price: How to truly MAGA

Date: 22:17 03/07/2019
In seeking devaluation of the dollar, Hugo Salinas Price of the Mexican Civic Association for Silver writes today, President Trump seems not to notice what a huge advantage accrues to the United States by virtue of the dollar's use as the world reserve currency.

Russia encouraging gold exports -- to ease the squeeze?

Date: 18:31 03/07/2019

Craig Hemke at Sprott Money: Gold futures contract supply is virtually infinite

Date: 15:11 03/07/2019
Amid the surprising recent rally in gold prices, Craig Hemke of the TF Metals Report, writing at Sprott Money, today cautions monetary metals investors about the nature of the gold futures markets, which are controlled by bullion banks with access to the infinite money of central banks.

Central banks, bullion banks losing control of gold, GATA chairman says

Date: 03:38 03/07/2019
Interviewed today for Silver Doctors, GATA Chairman Bill Murphy says central banks and their agent bullion banks seem to be losing control of the gold market, but silver remains under their thumb. The interview is 21 minutes long and can be heard at YouTube here:

Short squeeze in gold has begun and has long way to go, Turk tells KWN

Date: 03:20 03/07/2019
GoldMoney founder and GATA consultant James Turk tells King World News tonight that the short squeeze in gold has begun and has a long way to go:

IMF's Lagarde tapped to head ECB as EU reaches deal on top jobs

Date: 02:59 03/07/2019
Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Trump picks two Fed nominees likely to support lowering rates

Date: 02:49 03/07/2019
Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Hugo Salinas Price: Monetary metals prices are suppressed by the international banking cabal

Date: 04:39 02/07/2019
Monday, July 1, 2019

Saudi buying of U.S. Treasuries has soared since Trump election

Date: 03:38 01/07/2019
Sunday, June 30, 2019

Steve Forbes urges Facebook to link its cryptocurrency to a fixed weight of gold

Date: 03:16 01/07/2019
In an open letter gold advocate and Forbes magazine editor Steve Forbes this week urged Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to make the social-media platform's planned cryptocurrency, the Libra, convertible to a fixed weight of gold.

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